Apex Accounting can help you with the following services:

  • Farm Accounting

    Farm accounting involves specific business, financial, and taxation issues, and requires a specialist understanding of the industry. At Apex Accounting we keep abreast of the developments in both the farming and accounting industries, ensuring that we are uniquely placed to provide up-to-date and accurate advice.

  • Sole Traders and Small Business

    The key to minimising your income tax is good record keeping.   Maximising your tax refund is about knowing what you are entitled to claim as a deduction against your income and any special rules regarding the substantiation of the claim.  Regular professional training ensures we can assist in identifying all the deductions to which you are entitled while ensuring that you comply with your record keeping obligations. 

    If you are struggling under our complex tax laws, find it difficult to know what you are entitled to claim, or just need advice regarding the tax implication of a transaction, then Contact us today for an appointment and receive expert advice to assist with your situation.  

  • Rental Property

    We have the expertise required to assist you in a variety of areas relating to residential and commercial property.  The services we offer include guidance in tax minimisation, depreciation reports, advice on ownership structure and periodic reviews to ensure returns are maximised

  • Information Technology

    We live in a computerised age where technology enables us to enhance a wide variety of business processes. Using software and hardware effectively can provide enormous benefit to your business.

    Here at Apex Accounting we have embraced computerised systems, ensuring our experienced, trained professionals can:

    • Discuss the best accounting system to further your business
    • Install and configure accounting software to suit your purposes
    • Suggest accounting software applications suitable for your business
    • Train clients to be self-sufficient users of a range of software applications

    If you are thinking about obtaining new accounting software or looking at completely changing your business systems, we are willing and able to assist you.

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